USB, PS2, PCIExpress to USB all not work.

i too have an asus motherboard with native usb 2.0 ports. the problem gets worse and worse.

This is clearly a motherboard issue having nothing to do with the op system.

the usb 2.0 ports and the ps2 plug in stopped working.

i then bought a 3.0 usb pci express device which is incredible as i have harddrives hooked up to it as fast as sata harddrives. Of course you have no keyboard or mouse until the computer boots up into windows 7. no big deal. You can't access bios no big deal. You can't hit any key to boot off of a dvd. no big deal. i had to move my fantom usb 3.0 hard drive to another computer. no big deal.

i tried what you guys recommended. i would have thought that pulling the plug would have worked as i had another asus motherboard with some other sort of stupid problem where that worked. but no!

however now that pci device giving me the 3.0 usb ports has stopped working too! Well no big deal i access the computer by remote access. I am using it now. everything else works fine and device manager shows no exceptions whatsoever.

should i take the monitor off and use it as a server or should i buy a new motherboard?

Any other ideas???
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  1. I'd get a new mobo. That is way too many problems to be coincidental.
  2. you have installed chipset drivers?
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