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So yesterday I finished building my new pc, and proceeded to boot it up. It went through a successful POST, and proceeded to windows installation. However, I realized I didn't have the right version, so I turned the system off (held the power button down for five seconds) and went to bed. Today, I came back, turned the power button, where it proceeded to start up for a few seconds, then reboot (I think it is rebooting) then start up, then reboot, and it keeps doing this until I turn it off by holding down the power button. This is all happening before the motherboard splash screen. I can't really imagine that this would be a component issue since it successfully did all of this on the first try, so what do you guys think is happening here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would start over with your windows installation. Do a format and fresh install. I don't know why you held the power button down for five seconds. You should let windows shut down properly, saving files for the next boot up.
  2. Actually, windows encountered an error while installing (I had a reinstallation disc instead of a proper windows 7 copy), and windows didn't install at all, so currently, there is no operation system on the machine, and now It's doing the the problem mentioned in the original post.
  3. I would try adjusting your ram timings manually in the board bios; if you don't know how, try installing windows with just one ram stick, then run memtest on each stick after you're done. Most ram has a lifetime warranty if you bought them for a build.
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