Dell GX620 wont boot with new video card

I'm upgrading a Dell Optiplex GX620 with Pentium D and a Radeon X600 video card. I got a new Asus X1300 and when installed the computer turns on, all the lights come on and there are 3 soft beeps, the lights flash 3 times and the machine shuts down and then the computer turns on by its self and goes through the same routine and will keep doing it until the cord is pulled. I installed the new card in my desktop and it works perfectly. Dells site shows this card as an upgrade for the Optiplex so It should work . I also tried a Dell Radeon HD 2400XT with the same results. Thanks
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  1. put out ram for a while and insert it back..
  2. I don't see your beep code listed on Dell's help document. Are you sure that it's just three beeps and not a series with multiple beeps? Also which lights are flashing?

    Here's a link to the Dell document I refer too.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I swapped in a 400w PS with the same results.
    The hard drive and #1 lights flash green 3 times(has a hard drive light then 1-2-3-4) and then it shuts down for a few seconds and then comes back on. It doesnt exactly beep though, more like a soft electronic click or pop.
  4. Another fun link...

    See page 318 for diagnostic light codes. According to the document if your #1 light is flashing you've got a memory problem which means it's either gone bad or isn't installed sercurely. Try popping out your memory modules and reseating them. If that doesn't work, attempt to boot with only a single module in the slot closest to the CPU. Try this for each module you have and report back.
  5. Sorry, its the #2 light not #1. I pulled all the RAM and put in 1 stick closest to the CPU and still the same.
  6. did you finally solve your problem? I got the same problem. (similar dell, cpu + hd5450)
  7. I have the EXACT same problem. Has anyone gotten any further on this?
  8. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaassse............. Someone....
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