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Hello Everyone i have a giant problem.I bought an Sapphire Radeon 5570 1GB DDR3 Graphic Card and at first i deleted my old drivers and put my new video card in its slot.When i turned my pc on it came to the screen where i need to choose my name and it blocked i thought maybe it was the problem with Windows 7.So i installed a new copy of Windows 7 and everything worked as it should.But when i put the drivers for my video card and installed them everything worked allright till i restared my pc.Then it was the same problem all over i went into safe mode and it let me delete the drivers and everything worked i thought maybe the drivers were bad so i downloaded newer drivers from the AMD Website and still the same problem only then now i couldn't even enter safe mode so the only way i could fix it was to put my Windows 7 64bit install cd and go to restore system to an older point or something like please help me.How can i fix it so i can install drivers.with the windows 7 drivers i can play games but still its not so good as with the original drivers for the video card.I have tried everything and still nothing.Its been 3 months till i bought it and i had no luck at fixing it.Someone told me that maybe some part of my PC isn't compatible with my video card
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  1. hey i found an yellow triangle under device manager.Its under the storage controllers tile.its caller ABR1XA1O IDE Controller. I pressed properties and it says this : Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) .i dont know if it has something to do with the graphic card problem but if anyone knows please help me
  2. did you check if your motherboard support win 7
  3. this is my motherboard and i looked it says that it supports win7
  4. do you have bios F6H that fix the radeon 5000 compatibility
  5. no i don't i will download it and try it and then i will tell you if it fixes my problem
  6. Thank you very much you were right it fixed my problem.I downloaded it and installed with @Bios and everything works more problems with freezing :D
  7. your welcome have fun
  8. i will now i have no more problems with games like battlefield 3 and Rage
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