Help, Radeon 7770's and Catalyst Control Center, Help please!

I'm running Windows 7 Premium Home-64 Bit, and have 2 Radeon HD 7770's in crossfire. the computer came with Catalyst Control Center (CCC) 12.1. The first day i got it i tried to go to 12.2. During the middle of the install, the screen always went black with the blinking cursor in the top left corner and stayed there. I have let it sit for hours before and nothing would happen, i can't type anything and i can't even turn the numlock off on the keyboard. So i would have to force shutdown then boot in safe mode and go through the process multiple times until CCC was uninstalled and the computer wouldn't blank to that screen again when i start up. So i figured it was just a 12.2 issue and went back to 12.1 (which i was only able to install from the CD).

12.3 comes out a few days ago and after multiple attempts the same thing is happening.

So i uninstalled Catalyst and when i booted to install 12.1 i noticed the computer recognized the cards and said their drivers were up to date. So i played a few games. with CCC 12.1 World of Warcraft would max at at 140 FPS, never anymore. Now with No CCC installed WoW is playing at 200-250 FPS. If i only played WoW i wouldn't even bother trying to fix this problem. The issue is that i have seen some graphics issues in other games i play, and im hoping the newer drivers will fix it. In Star Wars: the Old Republic sometimes text and buttons in the UI flash very quickly and also sometimes rainbow stripes flash in the screen, they change shape and move around if there is movement or the camera moves. Also in Starcraft 2 sometimes there are square blocks in the terrain that flash and are off colored. The computer is brand new and has a good motherboard, i7 processor and 16 gigs of ram, I'm quite certain i meet all minimum requirements for all these games.

While CCC 12.1 was installed I clocked both cards up to 1.1 ghz (up from 1 ghz), and i also went into the registry and turned off ULPS, as it was something that was highly recommended in a few threads that i read. I don't think this has anything to do with it.

I really don't even know where to start to fix this problem. Any thoughts?
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  1. there been a bug correction for the 7000 series on the 12.3 driver see this
  2. My issue is that when i try to instal CCC 12.3, about half way through the install my computer screen just goes black with the blinking cursor in the upper left, and stays like that. I can't do anything besides force shut down the computer. I've left it there for hours hopping that it would get past this screen , but it never has. I've had this same exact issue while trying to instal CCC 12.1 and 12.2 if i download it off the web. However i can install CCC 12.1 off the disk that came with the cards.

    Any idea on how to fix this?
  3. did you remove the old one then restart before you install the new ones,download them on the desktop and try install from there
  4. Yes i've tried both ways. Through the CCC update window. and then a manual uninstall of CC and then tried installing it from the installer i downloaded. Both result in the same thing
  5. try this and remove the amd catalyst install manager use the free one then retry with the 12.3 cc
  6. tried that a few days ago, no luck
  7. check if the cc driver are all remove even the crossfire one then load the 12.3 and the cap to your desktop and try to install from there
  8. try unistalling all drivers with driver sweeper

    then remove 1 7770 if you can and install the 13.3 directly from the AMD website then reinstall the second card into crossfire.
  9. I've had a similar issue with the install process .. the only way I could actually even INSTALL the driver was to go into low resolution 640x480 mode ( pressing F8 at boot ) .. I'm using Windows 7 ultimate, 32 bit..

    After I got it installed I noticed that the text on my screen was fuzzy and I had a black border around the display so I read and was told to launch catalyst control center and adjust the overscan mode .. but my CCC looks like this:

    The window is essentially transparent! when you move it it glitches all up, you can see my wallpaper behind it.. the only thing that actually shows up are the advertisements ironically!

    I've uninstalled the whole thing and used driver sweeper to clean up the remnants to start over..

    1. I started with the MSI driver's on the DVD that came with it ( MSI HD 7770 1ghz version ) ..

    2. I cleaned up the drivers and installed the latest stable drivers from ATI (12.6) .. same thing..

    3. I cleaned up again and installed the latest beta, which at this time is 12.7 .. same thing

    Has anyone seen this before? .. I did have an nvidia gts 250 in there previously but I uninstalled it and ran driver sweeper to eradicate it prior to installing the HD 7770 ..

    PS. I "fixed" the issue with fuzzy text by just switching from HDMI to DVI .. but the catalyst control center issue still remains..
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