Please help me choose a laptop?

I want to buy a laptop but for gaming not heavy gaming just the Sims 3 I would also use the laptop for listening to music , homework , surfing the web etc. I have 3 options :

1)lenovo Y560P
core i5 2.3GHz
6 gb memory
640 hard drive
1 gb ATI radeon HD 6570M

2) Toshiba satelite L655-1df
core i5 2.53 GHz
4 gb memory
500 gb hard drive
ATI radeon HD 5650 1 gb graphics

3) Acer aspire As7739g
core i3 2.4 GHz
4 gb memory
640 gb hard drive
1 gb nVidia gforce 610 m graphics

All the laptops have a similiar price so which laptop do you think will play the sims 3 smoothly? thank u in advance :)
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  1. If you want to play games you can rule out the Acer immediately. The Geforce 610M is a sad excuse for a GPU and likely won't offer any performance beyond the Intel integrated graphics. Between the other two the Lenovo offers a marginally better GPU, a bit more memory which probably doesn't really matter, and a larger HDD and a slighly slower CPU. I would be good to know exactly what model CPU is each of them to make an accurate comparison, but really I think it would come down to the form factor and which one you like in regards to aesthetics and how good the screens are.

    I don't know how much you're planning to spend, but you should also check out the HP ENVY 15. They're equipped slightly better than the notebooks you listed in base trim, get rave reviews, and feature an all aluminum chassis and some of the best screens around. I think they sticker for around $1000, but you can frequently find 20-30% off coupons online which brings the price inline with the notebooks you list.
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