Sbg6580 latency issues\58-80% packet loss

I just got an install of cable (no contract/trial) :love: Got on the internet and Xbox live in minutes. I noticed there was some lag on my online game, :non: so I did a speed test. It showed it was 5+ megs/sec (an improvement over DSL) :love: But then I checked packet loss and latency. It showed 58% loss up to 80% loss and graded it an F. :non: One guy with this router says he also showed an 58% loss (same as I) and fixed it by turning off the firewall. Is this dangerous? What alternatives do I have to clear this up? I am not with Comcast. I am with Cable One :pfff: in the Midwest. Thank you!
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  1. see if it helps when you unchecked IP Flood Detection
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