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New GPU and possibly PSU

Hey guys,

I am currently looking for a new GPU, and this is the one that I am thinking about.

EVGA 560Ti Classified Ultra 1.25 Gb

I am going to be ordering in a couple days even though i know kepler is going to be just around the corner i would rather get a card that works now and not have to worry about new release divers and wait for Nvidia to work out all the bugs that are most likely going to come with the new set of cards.

So my question is, with my budget for a new graphic card set at $250 is there a better card out there for my money?

My other qestion is that my current PSU is a Kingwin MK-650 watt, with 38 amps on the +12 rails.

The GPU says that it need a minimum 550 watt PSU and it needs 38 amps om the +12 rails.

do you think that i need a beefier PSU to run this card? And if so could you point me to some good ones under $150 (under $125 would be preferable)

Thanks a lot and I would be grateful for any input! :D
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  1. Do you have the link of that PSU? If you can wait a little more time, maybe with the other model of Kepler the GTX 560 Ti and GTX 570 drops the price more.
  2. Your new graphics card will take two 6 pin plugs and as long as you have that or an adapyor to convert two 4 pins to a six pin your psu will handle a 560 just fine, providing you don't already have another issue with it. Like how old is it and have you had any other problems etc.....

    Saint19 is right about prices dropping (I think). However , immediate demand for these products in anticipation of that may keep them up for a while.

    I have seen a couple of 560 ti 448 core gpu's on ebay in that price range. Being sold by those who are upgrading and guarantee the product. Might be worth checking out...

    Just some of the current deals If you are sure you want to stick with 560ti there are allot more for even less than $200
  3. hi guys, and thanks for the responses!

    Here is a link to my PSU:

    What i was wondering about is that the amperage of the requriements listed on the GTX 560Ti-448 Classified Ultra said 38, and the max output of my PSU is 38 amps.

    Im still new to building computers, but i did not think that any PSU was able to give out 100% of what it is rated. I bought my PSU at around the middle of July of last year and i have not had a single problem with it since. I was just wondering since it was a "lesser" brand and that it was not 80 plus certified and i did not want to throw a Graphics Card in there with higher power consumption and have it mess up my rig.

    And thanks for all the options donlev, they defiantly give me something to think about.

    I am still not sure what i want to go with, for the last few weeks i have been bouncing back and forth between the 560Ti and the 7850, but as i was browsing around newegg last night and came across the GTX 560Ti-448 Classified Ultra for $250 i just figured that i was not going to find a better deal than that, but i am still very much open to suggestions.

    Couple questions that i have had in the last few weeks if anyone could answer them for me:

    Would you rather get the 560Ti or the 7850?

    Is there much of a performace gain from the 560Ti to the 560 Ti-448?

    Is there much of a difference between the EVGA 560Ti-448 Classified Ultra and any other 560Ti-448?

    Thanks guys!
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    The 448 core is almost a 570 and compares closer to 570 than 560ti so yeah, quite a bit of diff. I like nvidea for the fact of better software....The catalyst software has always given me problems with amd. If you can get it to work well amd is pretty good as well but in the price range of the 560ti - 560ti 448 I am partial to the nvidea cards.

    I would concider a better power supply if for no other reason to upgrade to a name brand like antec seasonic or corsair and if you are going to start playing with bigger cards and maybe future sli... I would look toward 750 to 850 watts and 80+ Yours may work for awhile while you save for another. I don't think it will fry anything, it will just cut out and give you a message that it has quit responding but has recovered. It will probably not do that, but if for any reason it isn't enough power, I think that would be about all that would happen.

    Evga has like a ten year warrantee on most of their cards. That being said... you might get slightly higher performance sometimes with asus or msi twin frozer or hawk who also have good warrantees.
    I am partial to Asus

    Sometimes it is according to the particular card you get and not nec. the brand, like ...luck of the to speak. Just steer clear of zotak cause I hear about overheating issues...
  5. Thanks alot for all the help donlev!

    I think that i am indeed going to go with the EVGA 560Ti-448 Classified Ultra just for the sole fact that i think it looks better than the rest.

    Thanks for the suggestion of ASUS, my buddy has a ASUS GTX 570 and he says that he loves it but the HSF on that thing is massive and if i had one that big im sure that it would block some of my other PCI slots, and i still need some of them. :D

    I am indeed going to get a new PSU because i do want to build a whole new rig hopefully within the year and not only would it give me peace of mind now, but it would also be something that i would not have to buy later.

    Again thanks for all of the help!
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