Is this Power Supply any good for gaming?

1Thermaltake New LitePower 450W -ATX 12V 2.3, DUAL 12V Output Circuit , PCI-E 6 Pin X1, PCI-E 62 Pin x1, 5-Pin SATA x4, 204 Pin Power, 120MM FAN

My System: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 @ 2.96 GHz, Asrock G31m-s MB, 2 Gigs RAM, GigaByte AMD radeon HD 7750 1Gig, 2 HDD's.....
Will this Psu be enough?
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  1. It's not what I'd call a quality unit but yes, yours is a very low power system.
  2. is there something else that anyone could recomend, that wont be a budget-buster?
  3. I found this One.... Gigabyte ODIN 470W 24 pin PSU, not sure of mthe specs?? Is this a better Choice?
  4. No, go for Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX.
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