PSU static noise when on low load

I just built this computer around two weeks ago and just 4 days ago when i first turn on the computer the PSU makes this static noise. Once I start a gaming or run demanding programs the noise stops. Could this be because it was mounted incorrectly?

I have done a system scan and it showed that everything was fine.

The PSU is raidmax atx 600w

It's mounted on the top, if that makes any difference.

Any advice is greatly appreciated
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  1. Raidmax isn't a respected PSU manufacturer. Very low quality and shoddy workmanship. Its probably just working like it was designed to, ie poorly.

    Also, good cases have bottom mount PSU racks.

    I would suggest getting a higher quality PSU and a higher quality case.

    Something like an XFX Pro 650w Core and a Cooler Master HAF 912.
  2. Would the noise be an indicator of a future problem? Should I return it, or bear with the noise?
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    I would return it. A noise coming from the PSU is a very bad sign.

    When you do return it, tell them you want to trade it in for a different kind of PSU entirely. Pay whatever the difference is.

    The way to figure out what is a good PSU to get or not is to go on, go into the PSU section, and then choose whatever wattage range you want (like 600 - 700) and then everything that comes up with an award from Hardware Secrets or JohnnyGuru is on the consider list and everything that doesn't have an award from them is removed from consideration.

    Just compare that list with what is available to you where you are shopping at and pick whichever one.
  4. Thank you for everything!
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  6. NP.
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