"Overheating" CPU i5-3570

hello there and i dearly hope this question is in the right section! :p

My problem is my Brand new CPU, i5-3570. Its my upgrade since i5-2400.

So, after 12 hours of use, my CPU has started showing signs of overheating. Idle is 48'C, in BIOS its 51-54'C and when playing Battlefield 3 its 72-75'C

Sufficient to say that on my older CPU i hadnt had such problems. Never EVER. max temp was about 66'C on Battlefield 3.

On both CPU's i had been using the factory cooler. But on the new one, due to the high temps i had to try a new 3rd party cooler which costed 18euros and the results are Exactly the same.
I followed the proper thermal paste parameters. i reset the bios to first settings, i reflashed the bios to the newest Bios.

And now i am all out of options beside going to a more expensive cooling system, which in my opinion shouldnt even be on the horizon of alternatives.

My Setup is:

1) CPU: i5-3570
2) MOBO: Asus, p8p67
3) Chasis: GMC H-80 ( this is an amazing box btw)

I hope you can help me out with this. Thank you for your time.
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  1. you are telling me that this CPU will be running at higher temps thatn a 2400 series? O.o
  2. There was an IB-hater guy a few weeks ago that was saying that all IB chips run at over 90C because Intel used thermal paste instead of solder and everyone who claimed to be running IB below 90C was lying.

    Yes, IB tends to run 5-10C hotter than SB due to a combination of higher power density and less efficient TIM between the CPU die and IHS. Luck of the draw with the chips themselves may also make things better or worse.
  3. Yes, I believe this is quite normal for that chip on the factory cooler.
  4. so.... to conclude this, IB runs hotter and if i dont like it... Get a... 80 euro hydro-cooling solution!
  5. Menegroth1 said:
    so.... to conclude this, IB runs hotter and if i dont like it... Get a... 80 euro hydro-cooling solution!

    You could get a CM Hyper 212 EVO for somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 Euros. Should be enough to bring IB down under 60C if you have half-decent case airflow.
  6. The link bellow is my tower.
    it has really good airflow and in Greece during summer time we have atmosphere temp at around 37-41 'C. The internal temp is 35-37. During winter i have 24'C
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