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Hello, so I ordered a Corsair H80 liquid cooler today,should be getting shipped soon, I did some research on it before buying it,but I want to make sure anyways.

1. I have an Antec 1200 case, I know a H80 will fit on the backside, I know a H100 won't fit properly on this case unless you do some mods, anyways, I would like to know, the Antec 1200 has 2 exhaust fans at the back, the H80 comes with 2 fans, I heard of pull push config with the liquid cooling systems, could someone explain to me how do you do this on the H80,do I have to put one fan outside the case pushing air in, and one exhaust? With the h100 it makes sense, it has space for the 2 fans and you can put one intake one exhaust, with the H80 I do not understand.

2. It comes with brackets to install, my motherboard is the Asus Crosshair Formula V AM3+, do I need to put a plate behind the motherboard? When I read online I saw some posts that people said the Crosshair V doesn't need it.

3. Lot of people complain about the Corsair fans that come with the unit as being too loud,if that happens to be the case, which fans do you recommend to install?

4. This is a random question :D, since my post in video cards is dead, does replacing thermal compound on a MSI 6950 void the warranty? Thanks for your time and answers.
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  1. 1.you put one fan on the inside of the case then the radiator on that then the other fan on the other side of the radiator

    so one fan pushes air into the radiator and the fan on the other side pulls it out

    2.dont know

    3 yes they are loud--i replaced mine with these--good quality fans--move lot of air but not too loud and great leds on them that give a full circle of light not just lines


    4 yes i would imagine removing the gpu heatsink voids the warranty if they could tell you had done it
  2. Ok So i got it today,install was easy, the block part, the radiator actually didnt fit on the top 120mm slot, had to take off the bottom one and put it on the top part,now I'm getting 35C idle temps on the balanced mode, and 44C on load balanced mode, but what i wonder is shouldnt i be getting lower temperatures?

    I was getting these temperatures with my old heatsink :D lol , and im not even overclocked its a am3 945 deneb at 3.0ghz, is this because the thermal compound it brings hasnt "settled" yet, even though people say theres no such thing, anyways quite happy with the purchase so far, but the fans are loud so i will be replacing the fans,maybe with the old antec case fans :) or silent fans that you recommended, anyways thanks for your help.
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