Upgrading my friend's PSU + GPU

My friend has an emachines ET1331G-03w. The integrated nvidia 6150se totally sucks, and since now he's into "gaming" (CS:GO, portal 2, nothing that demanding), he wants to actually get more than 20fps. So I've figured out a radeon 6670 would be the best way to go, and that a new power supply is pretty much mandatory. All I know is "At least 18A on the 12V rail" and honestly all I've looked for before is wattage, so if someone here could recommend a cheap <50 dollar PSU that can run this graphics card and the rest of the stuff in that thing, I'd be very thankful.

(The last thing I need is ANY issues, because im 14, going to a friend's house and fixing his computer, (which they're already very skeptical about), and breaking it would be really bad lol.) :??:
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  1. that psu should be fine from what i found out its a 300 watt psu and the 6670 only draws about 50 watts max so your safe
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