X-fire 5850's vs GTX 680


I'm trying to figure out what I should do here. I have had 5850's XF for about 2 and a half years now and they have been great cards. I have never really had a problem running anything. But now the big bad 680 is here and I'm starting to wonder if I should purchase one.

I mainly play BF3 and a few other games. BF3 is the only one that I think I would see a noticeable improvement (real-world at least). I get a pretty smooth 55 -90 fps on BF3 at max res and high everything. I just don't run any AA. I guess I have never really cared enough about it because I'm more into the actual game play being smooth. I'm into the competitive part of the game, unless I'm playing some singe player experience something etc.

I think I would drop the $500 on the 680 if I could justify that it would actually be worth it. Developers these days don't really seem to take the time to use all of this beefy hardware that we have available to us. At least, all signs point to that conclusion.

If I don't upgrade, I will probably just build a new system next year.

What do YOU think?

A little more info on my current system:

EVGA E758 3x SLI
i7 920 D0 @ 4.0 Ghz
16GB 1600mhz 8-8-8-21
SSD 5x HDD's etc
1050 w PSU
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  1. I think youd better wait.I have two 5850s in CF and they are wonderfully smooth and a gtx580 which is equally smooth.And i want to get two gtx680s so yeah i think there is very little to complain about as they are all awesome cards.
    There is no justification to buy gtx680s why not save money?

    Maxwell might come out in one or two years and then the justification of buying a new gpu might be done but until now i really think its like throwing money in the bin.
  2. yup I am in a simmilar boat, i have 2x 5870's (2gb per card) and the choice to 7970 or GTX680.

    i'm going to wait a while and see what happens also.
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