Looking to upgrade from GTX285, suggestions and advice?

I know there are about a million and one similar threads but hopefully some of you can help a guy out.

My current rig used almost exclusively for gaming:

Intel i7 930
Gigabyte GA EX58 UD5
6GB Corsair RAM
1 TB Caviar Black
Corsair Obsidian 800d
Samsung 2493HM
Win 7 64bit

I would like to upgrade my GPU and my monitor. I am currently on the fence over 570's and 580's. I also want to upgrade to a 27 or 28 inch monitor. In the future I would like to have the possibility of running three monitors as well but this is not a major short term goal. I don't think 3D gaming will be something I would want.

So with all that in mind, what would you suggest for upgrades to my system? I am trying to be money conscious but I am open to suggestions. Currently I am looking at a few options for cards:







What else should I take into consideration potentially? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Given the fact that the MSI 580 is only about 70 bucks more than the cheapest 570 you chose, I'd take the 580. You get more ram, higher clock and more processing power. On the same token, on your higher end you're looking at a $430 580 card i noticed. For 70 bucks more you can get an Asus GTX 680. There's also the idea that in the next few months I believe you'll see the other 6xx series of nvidia cards trickling out, so you may be able to get yourself a 670 for the same price as the 580 now, which may offer slightly better performance, or at least lower power draw. That is all conjecture, however.

    I personally wouldn't consider the 570 given how close the prices are to the 580. I think you should consider between a 580 and a 680 given the price differences, or the best if you can wait is to see when the 670 comes out and is benchmarked.
  2. I am interested to see what the 670 brings. I am not tight to a deadline so waiting is definitely a possibility for me.
  3. Pretty good price on the 580 from MSI you mentioned.

    Maybe wait for a lower end kepler video card. 660TI or so ?
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