Antec Neo Eco 520c

Will it be enough to power the following system?

CPU: i3 2120 @3.3GHZ
Case: HAF 912. (+Megaflow 200mm Fan)
RAM: 8 GB Corsair Value Ram.
GPU: Radeon 7850
HDD: Seagate 1 TB Barracuda.
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  1. yes easily but i wouldn't suggest overclocking both gpu and cpu or Xfire
  2. I disagree. You couldn't overclock the CPU enough to make a power consumption difference in it and the Radeon 7850, with your system and that PSU, should have no trouble with overclocking. Even a 430W Corsair Builder PSU could handle a highly overclocked 7850 with your system, that 520W shouldn't have any trouble, although it is a little too weak for Radeon 7850 CFX.
  3. That PSU Seasonic made. 40 amps 12V power. and 3 yr warranty it will power your build overclocked and all no worries!
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