Screen flutter

When my comp is in crossfire mode the display is showing horizontal lines from bottom to top, sometimes slow then fast. I have been having this problem for quite some time now and blew it off as micro stuttering as some games not reaching more than 30fps but didn't feel that was it. Below is a link to the video, maybe someone can tell me what this is and maybe how to correct. This only happens in CF mode and games that specically asks if two video cards are being used.

m17rx2 5870 8g 1333 rgb i7 740qm
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  1. Do you have vsync turned on?

    My biggest question though is what are you crossfiring with? i've not found any information that states this model was shipped with 2 gpus? if you are crossfiring with the onboard graphics, don't. This is an article about that.
  2. Yes but also happens when Vsync is not turned on. I've tried tons of combos even going back to default settings.
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