Windows 7 + Windows XP Dual Boot Format help

Hi guys, I recently bought a new GPU, CPU and Motherboard.
I heard that it's good to reinstall windows after such a change so, here is my problem:

I have two partitions :
C:\ and H:\. On C:\ I have windows XP Professional (That one has the administrator rights, it was the older one), and on H:\ I have W7 ultimate x64, (I installed it 5 months ago) which is the one I use daily.

I didn't bother too much to change the administrative rights from XP on W7, because I didn't have time and it actually didn't bother me too much.. The only problem was that when I was trying to access some files on C:\ I had to go to the security tab and gain access to that folder (I had to do that for every folder and its subfolders..).

Well, no problem I said, I can live without those things. But now some errors started to apper on xp (mouse not moving, when I try to create a folder on desktop I can't see it, etc.), and W7 started working very slow after a reinstallation of .NET Framework.

So, I would be really greatful to you if you can help me with advices on how format my computer (with all the partitions) because I don't have time messing around trying to repair these things, change administrator rights, and it's also useful because it will delete all the old drivers, and all the registries.
I don't have too many important things to keep, anyway, I've backed-up some of my important files on the external HDD.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Most people who have tried that have all kinds of problems. Especially when they put both OS on one hard drive.
  2. not everyone has had the issue

    normall it can be fixxed as long as there on seperate partitions because a partition is treated as a different drive

    might be the bootloader he is using could be causing issues
  3. I don't know what is the problem and the truth is I don't even want know :) . I told you, I don't want to stress you or me with the problems my PC has. I just want to do this the easy way.

    And also, I already said that I changed my cpu + mobo (from AMD to INTEL and from MSI to ASRock), and I found out from various sites that it would be better to reinstall your windows to be sure that the drivers are not interfering with each other, and I'm sure THEY DO, since it is more a decrease than an increase (my FPS in The Witcher 2 decreased with 5, so it's a driver problem for sure...).

    BTW, upgraded from Phenom II X4 945 to Intel Core I5 2400, so it should be at least the same performance , also another problem is that the new mobo doesn't see all the RAM I have (2x2 GB, 4 GB, starts only with 2 sticks in, it might be because of the old mobo drivers), I also posted this on Tom's Hardware, but I couldn't get a proper answer.

    So considering all these aspects, I don't want, I don't have time and I'm not in the mood to solve all of them, so please, can you just help me format my PC, and reinstall it from the beggining? I've backed-up my files so it's not something that I will regret, believe me and don't try to solve the problems, thank you for the good intentions though, but I mentioned them only for you to know why I want to format my PC.
  4. Here is a KB article on how to partition and format a drive using the Windows XP setup program:
    and here is one by an MVP:

    If you want to stay in a dual boot setup, install XP first and setup your partitions during setup. Once that is complete, then you can install Windows 7. Windows 7 will change the bootloader and make it so that you still have your dual boot options.

    Hope this helps,
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