Incredibly unsure, worried, new builder.


I am a first time builder, and a full time worrier/nervous freak.
I am looking to build a computer for moderate gaming, like medium/high setting for non hardcore games, WoW, LoL, Portal series, half life, and others of the like.
Currently I am planning on using these parts (below) but I am still really worried about bottlenecking/spending too much for bad products. *Also I am trying to keep this at or below $875.

i5 2500k
Thermaltake CLP0600
EVGA GTX 550/EVGA GTX 460 superclocked*
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x 4GB), PC3-12800, DDR3-1600MHz
OCZ Agility 3 Series Solid State Drive - 60GB
Western Digital Caviar Blue Hard Drive - 500GB
Corsair Enthusiast Series TX550M Modular Power Supply - 550W, 80 Plus Bronze, Single +12V Rail
Rosewill RNX-N300X IEEE
ASUS DVD Burner... (crapton more stuff)
Cooler Master Silent Fan 120 (4 pack)
Cooler Master HAF 912

*is where im really unsure about price/performance

any advice? and is there a big difference if I order from over the prices are a little low at compusa.
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  1. *UPDATE* I decided on the EVGA 01G-P3-1361-KR GeForce GTX 460 FPB as my GPU, but still if there are any better cards for the money, please tell me.
  2. jjesco5 said:
    *UPDATE* I decided on the EVGA 01G-P3-1361-KR GeForce GTX 460 FPB as my GPU, but still if there are any better cards for the money, please tell me.

    It all depends on what you are paying for it!
  3. Im looking for around 135 bucks, are the other components good for the money aswell?
  4. Rosewill RNX N300X... Make sure you use the latest drivers for that little bugger. Even the ones that come on-disc are seemingly faulty. I'm pretty sure it had been causing me micro-stutters for weeks.

    I'm not saying don't get it, just make the most recent drivers a priority.
  5. you do not need to get a 4 pack of fans, The case already comes with a front fan and a back exhaust fan so all I would do is get one fan and install it on the top of the case because that is all you are going to need and also you should get this motherboard since you are on a budget and you do not need a z77 board because you do not have ivy bridge.

    Also if you need help picking out a power supply here is a very nice newegg tool you can use to find out how many watts you need for your power supply.

    other than that you have done a good job picking out parts but I would get a after market heatsink fan just to keep your CPU temps down =)

    Happy Gaming!
  6. oh yeah and to save some money on SOME of your parts you might want to look on amazon because most of the time they will have the same parts as Newegg but for a little cheaper and they do not have tax or shipping costs. But if you have to order from either newegg or compusa I would order from Newegg just because they are trusted more.
  7. Ok, thanks for the advice, the only reason, I was going to get a Z77 board was because a friend told it was the way to go. As for the motherboard I was told to stick with ASUS over other companies. Again, by way of friendly advice, and I do have an aftermarket cooler, the THERMALTAKE CLP0600. I think Compusa is run/is tigerdirect subsidiary? not sure. so as for motherboards would I be better of getting an ASUS Z68 board for cheaper? I would really like to stick with asus for the mobo, and as for the GPU, are there any better cards than the EVGA 460 for about 140 bucks?
  8. Change the board.

    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
    Asrock Z77 Extreme 3
  9. ok thanks, the extreme 4 looks like a solid board. It will work with 1600 ram stock? it says oc on newegg so...
  10. YES.
  11. Thanks abunch man.
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