6870 Crossfire issue

I have 2 XFX Radeon HD 6870s in crossfire, but only one seems to be "turned on".
When i got to CCC, the first one which has all three of my monitors plugged in, seems to be fine and does all the work.
The second one stays "off" all the time, even when i play games, it does noting. Does anyone know how to get the second one working? I tried swapping them around, but the top one is always the one thats on and the bottom the one that doesnt do anything.

screen shot of first 6870 (plugged into top slot)

screenshot of second 6870 (connected in bottom slot.)
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  1. PSU? Bad bridge?
  2. my PSU is a CORSAIR Enthusiast Series 750W don't think that's the problem. I'll buy a new bridge and see if it fixes it.
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    are you playing games in window mode ??? cuz xfire doesnt work like that... Just so you know, the AMD cards conserve power draw, by pretty much shutting off the "slave" card while its not in use... ie(non-fullscreen gaming, or new releases) there is a registry edit that forces the cards not to save power, but, why would you want that disabled ??
  4. yea well this is a recent addition correct .. i have 2 6870s in crossfire .. also .. thing about that when i first installed them i had to uninstall the drivers and reinstall all the drivers also you should make sure that crossfire is enabled... there are not many games this set up cant play at max settings .. so also make sure you have the latest game profiles installed .. the other thing is that some times crossfire wont kick in unless you have it running in high performance mode .. just an fyi
  5. Are you sure they are not working?. If the computer is idling the second one will turn off.
  6. dose the system reconize that there are two cards present .. you can check either by catalyst control center or hardware monitor .. should be able to tell you if its detected .. also try and make sure that the cables you have running to your graphic cards are securely plugged in and make sure that they are seated correctly .. i found that with mine for what ever reason one of the 4 pins came loose and was not seated all the way and caused it to see it but it wouldnt function correctly.. any way your powersupply is fine for this setup .. so you can discount that ..
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  8. yeah, i played a game in full screen and both of the video cards were being used.
    thank you.
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