Why wont sli mode work on 560ti in Battlefield 3

I've been reading a lot of forums lately and still have not been able to get two EVGA Gforce 560 TI's to work in Battlefield 3 in SLI mode. Either one works by itself fine. I keep getting a flicker in full screen mode with SLI turned on.

Everything was working great until the latest Battlefield 3 update this last week. Now it will not work again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rampage Formula MB
Q9650 Quad Core
8 GB Ram
Twin EVGA 560ti video Cards
Fatal1ty Soundblaster Sound
SATA drives
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  1. Update your drivers please
  2. Uninstalled the nvidia drivers and cleaned the remaining junk left over then reinstalled the latest drivers.
  3. If you have not installed the latest Nvidia ForceWare driver which is 296.10, you should do it. Just be sure to do a clean install when it asks you.
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