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I was playing out Crysis 2 with my 6870 and i5 2400. When playing it was pretty smooth except when I went thru the sewer and with all of the water. I noticed more lag and studder-ing ( i guess... ) It was MAJOR but I noticed the game seemed to slow down a bit when I was near the water. Im running the textures mod and the DX11 patch and all settings on ultra... Would the studder-ing I experienced be that the 6870 was maxxing out? Or what? Also temps were around 130f during gaming too, but from looking around it seemed normal.

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    Dial back on the tessellation and you will see a huge change.
  2. ^+1,it eats up a lot of fps and vram too.any ways the game looks great even without tessellation off :)
  3. Thanks guys. How far should I kick it back? Just one setting?
  4. ^yep,try and stop lowering when you are getting desired frame rates.
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