Sound card for compatibility for h61m/u3s3

I am currently planning on getting the ROCCAT Kave Real 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset this requires a 5.1 surround sound card so I am planing on getting one.

But unfortunately my motherboard As Rock h61m/U3S3 only has one pci express slot which is taken up but my graphics card the motherboard now only has one pci 2 slot and another pci 1 slot which is covered up by the GPU i have found a sound card which i believe is compatibly but I am not completely sure this is the sound card i am looking at-

this has 5.1 and microphone jack and from what i see its compatibly with pci 2.2 will this work with the pci 2.0 slot on my motherboard?

If you have any other suggestions for sound cards please tell me I don't really wont to spend more than $50 but if good enough I will if I cant get one the works with my motherboard will the sound card on my motherboard be a good enough solution? thanks for the feedback.
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    The DG should work fine.

    I note I'm not high on 5.1 headsets, because you get gaps in the driver coverage and very weak drivers overall. Most prefer virtualized 5.1 on a standard stereo headset.
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