8800 GTX Beep on shutdown?

Hi I bought a used Nvidia geforce 8800 GTX and the guy had it run perfectly in his Computer I pop it into mine and have a beep on shut down. Also i should note it was test I'm 14 and just built my pc and wanted to see if all the stuff worked correctly so I booted it up (BUT I DID NOT HAVE A CPU installed) Idk if that is what is causing the beep or what My motherboard is ASUS M4A87TD Evo Please I hate this beep on shut down I tried everything I checked PSU unplugged PCI 6 pins and replugged. Also Power Supply Is Corsair CX 430. Please help me fix this beep on shut down issue. it's not a shrill beep just a minor last minute Millisecond Beep. Could it be my Mobo CAUSE it is not coming form my speaker. It is coming from the card itself?? WTF? Cards don't have speakers :O so please help me on this I hate the beep on shut down.
It does not beep on boot. I will wait to see when I get my CPU if that fixes the beep.

Thanx for looking :)
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  1. please I need help with this
  2. You need an installed CPU to do any meaningful POST test.
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