New Build (Need advice)

Hello well i am building a new Rig, which will be virtually 95% gaming 5% rendering.

This is what i may be getting, please don't hesitate to replace parts/items if it will benefit =)

I will be overclocking this Rig.

CASE: HAF X FULL TOWER (Better to have more space and possibly better air flow then mid tower case)

MOBO: Asus P8Z77-V PRO Motherboard with Wifi

CPU: Intel i7 3770k possibly OC to about 4.4ghz?

CPU COOLER: Possibly Corsair CAFA50 Air Series or Zalman CNPS9900-MAX

GPU: Nvidia 680 GTX

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-800GUK Gaming Series 800W Power Supply (future sli reason why i chose this)

RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengance

HDD: Seagate 2TB Hard drive

Thermal paste i will use may possibly be Arctic Cooling MX-4 4g Thermal Compound

Already own the SSD: Kingston 120GB SSD (got for price of 60gb ssd)
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  1. 1:get a gigabyte z77x-ud5h wifi. it has a few more features and it is slightly cheaper. if you dont like gigabyte, then just stick with the board you have
    2: you need a better cooler than that. a good one is TPC 812 from cooler master or the noctua nh-d14. not sure you would like noctua fans though :/
    3: no point of getting a 680 when a 670 performs within 5-8% of a 680 at 100 dollars less. a good card is the asus driectcu2 top or the gigabyte windforce
    4: you do not need 800w. get a better power supply such as the hx750w or the xfx 750w XXX edition. they are about the same thing. just pick whichever one is cheaper
    5: if you like corsair, you will have to get the low profile version of the ram to fit under the heatsinks. if you dont like the cost of the low profile heatspreader ram, just get mushkin blackline
    6: make sure your drive has 64mb of cache
    7: invest in a 128gb SSD. it makes your system much faster

    the antec p280 has quite a bit of spce too.
  2. already own a 120gb ssd =) thanks will look into all of them thanks.
  3. k bro
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