PC keeps Restarting while Gaming.. Please Help !!!

Hi, i've read all the threads in here about similar crashing issues to mine, and tried almost every single solution except changing the PSU.

the PC works fine until i start paying high graphics games, and then suddenly it restarts by itself.i was able to get a point where it always restart in DIRT 3 , which is only when i go off road and hit the water (completely sink the car in the water) the little water that is sometimes on the official track will NOT cause any issue... not to mention that other games cause the same restarting issue after more than 1 hour of playing. (COD 3, Dungeon Defenders, Batman, F1 2011, etc....) the list goes on !

i've tried disabling the VDROOP feature , which fixed the issue for one user. but didnt work for me.

my GPU and CPU temps are within normal ranges before getting the crash...

my pc specs:

i7 920 @2.67

6GB standard DDR3 1333 RAMS, (was 8GB before, but i think one of them just got screwed)

ASUS P6T Motherboard

ZOTAC Geforce 260 square...

PSU 600 Watt... Brand was Razor something ( i don't remember), but its 18 month OLD now...

Cooler Master Spider Case, with 2 big fans and one small fan...

No cooler for the GPU , standard CPU FAN for the CPU...
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  1. Hello,

    What are you temperatures when you play for your CPU and GPU?

    Do you have a spare Powersupply to try out? It either sounds like an overheating GPU or your powersupply can't provide a constant power supply.
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