Thinking about upgrading my computer. Need Opinions!


P55-GD80 Motherboard
i7-860 2.8GHz LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor
Nvidia GTX 550 TI 2 GB
1TB Seagate Harddrive
4GB of RAM
Antec 900 Case
750W Power Supply
Dual monitor setup:
- 22'' 120HZ Viewsonic
- 22'' 60hz Samsung

Now I mostly game with this computer and recently its been mostly diablo3/battlefield 3 multiplayer. I get about 50-60 FPS in diablo 3 and I'm feeling like it's not fully using my 120hz. I have never overclocked before and when I checked my temps, I'm hesitant (idle is around 40C) because I don't want it to go too far.

If I were to upgrade, my budget would be around $450-600.

Please help :) any opinion is appreciated.
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  1. I'd say upgrade your GPU to either a GeForce GTX670
    or the GTX 680
    and call it a day. All your other parts look quite adequate.
  2. so if i were to get the 670, do you think i should also get 8GB of RAM instead of 4? How much does RAM affect gaming?
  3. falco37 said:
    so if i were to get the 670, do you think i should also get 8GB of RAM instead of 4? How much does RAM affect gaming?

    IMO if your getting 50 - 60 FPS and you upgrade the GPU and get 120 FPS your not going to see the game play any differnt!!!

    4 GB of ram for gaming is fine. you wont see more FPS going to 8 GB

    My i5 750 and GTX 560 plays any game out there

    If you really want to blow 600 bucks sure a GPU and 8 GB of ram ( like the OP said whould be whare to put it )
  4. The reason I would want to raise my FPS is to take advantage of the fact that I have a 120HZ monitor. The 120HZ monitor makes a difference when it comes to gaming and I think higher FPS would help.
  5. So because your monitor is 120Hz you want your games to play at 120fps+. That is a very expensive goal for a very very small (if any at all) visual improvement.
  6. 120 Hz is more for 3D

    and also that means you can have vsync on and not be capped at 60 FPS

    I dont know alot about it but, my friend 60 fps is good !!!

    The new GPU wont hurt :) just means you wont need to buy one for another 4 years
  7. yeah thats what i was thinking.. upgrade now and i'll be good for a while. also, i didn't believe the 120hz made a difference till i tried it.. i have a 60hz and a 120hz monitor side by side and there's a clear difference..

    is it worth going all the way to GTX 670 or should i just get a 580/590?
  8. Go for the 670. Better power, lower temps than the 500 series. Plus, multiple monitor support if you end up doing that someday with a 3rd one.
  9. with a budget like that, id say change your main monitor to a smaller 1080p tv, or buy a better graphics card, or buy an OCZ Revo Drive - a SSD that fits in PCI-Express x16 ports (pci-e x 4 port to be exact)
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