GTX 550 vs 560 vs 550 Superclock?

Hi everyone, I'm planning on picking up a new GPU this week. Right now I have a GTS 250, i5-2500k, and 8gbs Corsair Vengeance. I don't really know what my budget is, but heres the question. I'm pretty sure the 550 and 560 are great cards, but which would be the best? The 2g 550ti, a 560, 560ti, 550ti superclock? I just can't decide. Im a gamer and play mostly WoW, Starcraft, LoL, and TF2. Thanks for your help. :)
P.S.... nVidia.
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  1. The 560 Ti. And if your budget will stretch, get a GTX560 Ti-448 - very close to GTX570 performance at a nice discount.

    And don't forget the monthly "Best Cards for the Money" article:,3107.html
  2. 560ti will win hands down.
  3. +1 to 560ti/560ti-448
  4. As the others said the 560Ti. As for the other cards you mentioned, the 560 non-Ti is an oc'ed GTX460, and the 550Ti is slower than a GTX460.
    Also the Radeon 6950 trades blows with the 560Ti and tends to be little faster, so if you can't find a 560Ti get a 6950.
    BTW i'd recommend getting Asus Direct CU II or MSI aftermarket versions of the 560Ti, the GF114 has a great overclock potential and can easily get close to the 570 when nicely oc'ed :)
  5. @Above

    He said nVidia...
  6. Yea no one seems to worry about budget, just Buy this, idc how much its gonna cost you just buy this. Besides the fact there is a 100$ difference.....

    I will say a 560 ti gets my vote if you can afford it. But the GTX 560 is a beast cart
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