Help is my power supply good enough?

So i just got a new build and the problem is that i did not have enough moeny for a new power supply so i stayed with my old one which is a 620w vantec ion2.

The thing is that it only has 22amps on the 12volt rail, but it also has another 12volt rail with 22amps with a max wattage of 444w on both the 12volt rails.

I read some where that a gtx 670 needs atleast 30amps on the 12volt rail.

So is my power supply good enough to run the gtx 670 overclocked and a intel core i5 3570k overclocked.

And what is the deal with double rail power supply, what are there total amps?
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    Personally, I wouldn't trust a that psu for overclocking. Especially not a $400 card. It's capable,but I wouldn't load it.
  2. Your PSU appears to have a total of 37 A. I wouldn't trust it either, though the amperage should suffice.
  3. Yeah im going to upgrade when i can get the money but for now i guess ill stick with it.

    Just a quick question how do you calculate the total amps of a double rail power supply?
  4. You have a total of 444 W on the rails. As we all know from high school physics P=UI so I=P/U=444/12=37A
  5. Ahhh thanks so much.
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  7. Same problem here as well. Been years since I made a pc and just making one now. Thing is I have got a i5 3570k , gigabyte gtx 670 wind force oc and 8gb ram. Because within these last few weeks I have learnt a lot so found that the 750w psu I have is dual rail but 22amps each. I have look into it and I know the card is 170w which is 15amp so you would think it would be ok. But I'm have doubts.
    Like I said I'm new at this. I think the psu is an ACE psu
    Please help
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