Urgent advise please

hi core i5 2500k going 92 on intel processor diag. utility on 100 load heatsink is all correct

coolermaster 431 plus
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  1. 92C? I assume we're talking temperatures?

    Does your BIOS give you temps? Are you *sure* your heatsink is fitted right?

    try removing, cleaning (both heatsink and CPU), adding fresh TIM and refitting.
  2. i have done all these removed reset etc
  3. You should have some diag options in the bios, check temps there to see if its buggered
  4. You have a small case and I assume a stock intel cooler ?

    92C is about 20C higher than I'm comfy with ... I assume we are talking overall processor temps and not core temps which will be even higher. Run OCCT to load CPU and record temps.

    After establishing a baseline, take side panel off and use a desk fan or window fan to blow air inside the case. If that brings temps down sufficiently, then case air flow is at least one of your issues.
  5. i have it with intel processor diag utility on 100 load it is reaching 94 and in bf3 game it is 98
  6. i sent the processor for warrant 1month ago before that intel diag utility reaches only 63 but now i dont know intel said no problem with processor
  7. i ahve elite 431 pplus total 4 fans one at front 1 at rear n one at top n stock cpu
  8. i think top n rear fans r intaking air
  9. what kind of cpu cooler are you using? maybe they went bad.
  10. top and rear should output air. are you sure the push pins are fully engaged, they are difficult to fit and need more force than is reasonable.
  11. yes my frnd but one think heatsink is full of thermal paste but processor is empty
  12. stock cpu cooler
  13. I hope that is just bad english, there should be a tiny amount of thermal paste, nothing should be full.
  15. fully dried? it shouldn't be dry! the thermal paste should be used as a paste.
  16. so is it a 100per cause of overheating
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    it prevents the heat sink working, you need fresh thermal paste. This MIGHT solve the problem, but is needed regardless.
  18. kk thnx i will try
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