People have problem with CyberPower because they made wrong choices?

I've considered buying a PC from CyberPower PC in the past, because their systems are so cheap. They only cost about $200 - $300 more than if you were to build the system yourself.

However, I've also read terrible reviews from people who have had problems with their computers.

But it seems like the only reason why they had problems, is because they did not choose "Premium" components that they would have chosen if they built the system themselves.

For example:

CyberPower gives them the option to choose a Corsair or Cooler Master PSU, but instead they chose Cyber Power's generic brand PSU.

People who have no knowledge of computer components whatsoever, chose a wrong motherboard for their SLI build, and they have to use a Beta BIOS on the motherboard

Or, people who do not pay the extra $20 or $30 for shipping protection and professional wiring, might get a system with loose components, or a system with very messy wiring inside.

Is this where all the problem lies with Cyber Power PC? If people buying PC's at least had some knowledge of computer getting a GOOD power supply, pay for shipping protection, don't get parts that are not compatible with each other, would would see MUCH less complaints against Cyber Power PC, and it would have a much higher score in consumer satisfaction?
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  1. I have a problem with the cost more statement... i think its comparable. i customized a rig on CP and then created the same on newegg and it was more on newegg.

    But the rest of it youre right on...
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