HD 6670 Screen Flickering Help!

I bought a Sapphire HD 6670 ,it worked fine for about 10 days but while playing crysis my screen started flickering brightness ,my screen brightness continuously goes low or high.When I consult it from the computer dealer he told me to change my psu which was only 180 w and i replaced it to Corsair cx500 but the problem is still continue.My game also get freeze while playing ,it worked fine when i connect it to onboard video card.I have also checked to adjust refresh rate and reinstalling the graphics.

My PC specification:-

Ram-1gb ddr3
processor-inlet dual core 2.7 GHz
Psu-Corsair cx430
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  1. Uh...Lack of ram, based on the information you have supplied.
  2. MajinCry said:
    Uh...Lack of ram, based on the information you have supplied.
    But i have the minimum ram required to run graphics card is there anything relation between lack of ram and flickering screen??
  3. You may have the minimum ram for the GPU, but not for the game. You'll need more to run Crysis and everything else Windows has running in the background.
  4. Minimum spec's have _nothing_ to do with the problem he's describing... The Power Supply could of affected it, but you've ruled that out with the CX500.

    Shaswat, if you haven't sorted it by now I'd recommend testing with an alternate Monitor & Monitor cable. Try alternate graphics drivers as well, if problem still exists your graphics card is most likely faulty. If after testing or trying with another graphics card it's still doing the same thing, then I'd be looking at the Mainboard.

    As MajinCry was saying with the RAM, you do have a very under spec'd computer for running Crysis, given the price of RAM/Memory these days, put as much into your computer that you can afford will make quite a large difference.
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