Firefox crashing with new Sapphire 7870

Morning Folks,

Firefox has started crashing since I installed my new 7870.

Completely randomly occurring - seems to work fine in games and in furmark and watching movies using VLC player and such.

Any suggestions?

Inb4 update drivers.
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  1. Lol, try chrome.

    Joke :lol:, since it's a new card they may have some issues. By the way have you try 12.3/12.4 drivers?
  2. I'm running 12.3 with my 7870 and it's been rock solid on Win7 SP1 and Win8 CP. Which version of Firefox and plugins are you running? Any website in particular?

    EDIT: Chrome is my primary browser but I'll give FF a try and see if I can replicate your issues once you answer my questions about version, plugins, etc.
  3. Problem solved, I was using MSI Afterburner and my card clearly doesnt like the extra volts.

    I stopped using it and used CCC Overdrive - 20% power and running stable stock volts @ 1250/1450. P Score of 7600, ******* love this card.
  4. Nice :).
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