i feel like iam facing overheathing issues on my pc.
iam not sure tho.
my screen jst freezez i get some weird noise on my speaker and hangs in a while. :fou: :fou:

how can i know the exact problem and its the heating problem how can i solve it?

PC config:
AMD phenom II x4 955
mobo-M4A89GTD-PRO USB 3
ram-4gb 1333
OS-win7 ultimate 64bit
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    use cpu-z to check temps.
    clear out ant crap inside your case.
    leave side of case off
    put back to stock if OC

    if it still does it start checking event logs etc
  2. What are your temps? It's probably not a heat issue, it more likely a driver issue.
  3. ok i have cleaned out everything...heat sinks are hot and cpuz show core temp 58C
    but i still havent got any freeze ..
    lets wait for a while and see wht happens
  4. CPU-z is not for monitoring temps.

    Use HWMonitor (a free software) to monitor your temperatures

    In which conditions the issues appears?
  5. i would check the cpu fan if it is running see if the power cable on it is not disconnect from motherboard
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