Best Processor for Android development.

Hi all,

I decided to assemble a PC for android development. I'll be using windows 64bit ultimate edition and eclipse IDE, Android emulator, a web browser and other small applications.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT GAMES. To get the best performance for me shall I choose an Intel i5/i7 or AMD FX8150/FX6100.

I searched many forums and people are simply fighting over gaming performance of AMD vs intel. Nobody is talking about developer problems like building a java project with 500+ files/classes and all.

Please give me your advice.

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  1. for compiling program, intel i7 will be the best.
  2. Eclipse IDE is not super tough on processors, but I don't see anywhere that it specifically says anything about how well it is threaded.

    Either way, you can safely just get a 3570k and not worry about it.

    Also, make sure you get a large SSD. You will want your OS, programming environment, and your programs that you are developing to all be on there.

    - Edit - Best would probably still be the 3960X, or a high end Xeon or so, but the most cost effective high end processor is probably 3570k-ish.
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