Is this still an ok temperature for a gtx 560

Here's the GPUZ log:

Also, does repeated alt-tabbing tax the graphic card? Was playing Swtor and was alt-tabbing back and forth because I was doing some photoshop work. Ventrilo was also running. Anyway, and first time this happened, I alt-tabbed while I was on a speeder route and bam, when I went back to the game, it was just a black screen with purple dots and lines all over and the game crashed with a player talking in vent looping over and over. Did a hard reset and problem didn't recur (played for 6 hrs the next day and the bug didn't reappear). My graphics card is new and I'm also playing a more taxing game (Battlefield) for hours on end without this happening. Was thinking it had something to do with swtor.
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  1. It's running warm but it's still within a reasonable temperature range.

    Also the crash could of been caused by a few things, like GPU drivers, game files, corrupt hardware data or even just some plain old bad luck.

    If it happens again you could try updating the GPU bios.
  2. Still fine I think, but if it has a decent non reference cooler model such as MSI Twin Frozer. I think there is a problem. But if it's reference cooler then I think it's totally acceptable, but not very good at all.

    See if updating the driver and setting fanspeed a bit more helps :).
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