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I'm thinking of building a DIY ViDock for my bro (he only has a laptop) for D3, but the cheapest card I see with x1 is http://www.ebay.com/itm/HIS-H545H1GD1-Radeon-HD-5450-Silence-1GB-64-bit-DDR3-PCI-Express-x1-Low-Pro-/120878493920?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item1c24eb70e0#ht_3185wt_1396 which seems pricey considering I saw a x16 for $25 after rebate on newegg a month ago. Any suggestions? I could go with a pe4h but it's $40 more than the pe4l.
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  1. Well I sorry to say this, but upgrading a laptop is actually very very annoying.

    You know that x1 cards are not very good by price-to-performance. I think you'd better take a PE4H and get something like this which is must faster.

  2. I know it's super annoying and inefficient but my bro needs d3 =)
    I guess the pe4h might be the only option then. Know of any other cheaper products for expresscard to pcie?
  3. So you got room in the laptop for a full fledged 1x pcie card?
  4. Oh nvm, I saw what the Vidock is, pretty snazzy lol
  5. No. Just google pe4h and you'll see what I mean. It's an expresscard to pcie converter, for the expresscard slot on the outside of the laptop. Then you get a psu and a graphics card and run them externally.
  6. It looks like the pe4h has some kind of dc jack on it, like on laptops. If I powered that using a laptop power brick, and the card I was using didn't have any 6 or 8-pin jacks, would that work? Then I wouldn't need to buy a psu...
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