GPU Upgrade Will this work?

Can I get a Gefore GTX 560 TI to run on my setup.

I am currently running this:

Dell Dimension E510
Intel Pentium(R) D 3.2Ghz 2CPU's 3.2Ghz
RAM: 4 Gigs Kingston
GPU: Geforce 9800 GT
PSU: 305W
HD: Default 250GB + West Dig 500GB
MOBO: the original Dell (can only hold 4Gigs ram and cant raid 0)
Monitor is 23.6" ASUS

I've been running Win 7 Ultimate with absolutly no problems, and I want to play D3 when it comes out Next month, preferable at high-max settings. Can I accomplish this on this rig with just a GPU upgade? Need more power? This rig runs great(4 years strong) so I realy don't want to get a new one, unless I have no other choice.

Just made my quartly bonus so i have $ to spend on upgrades if its worth it. I currently just play LOL & SC2 and get 60FPS on all High settings in LOL and all High(default me in Ultra but FPS drops down to lower30's) in SC2. Will the larger cards fit? My 9800 isnt too cramped.
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  1. First of all, you're going to want to replace your power supply with something better. I'm surprised that cheap 305W PSU that Dell put in has lasted this long with that power-hungry Pentium D and 9800 GT sucking power like there's no tomorrow. For a 560 Ti, NVidia recommends a 500W PSU or greater. I'd go above 600W to be safe. Choose a reputable brand like Antec, Seasonic, or XFX (made by Seasonic). I'm not sure if that computer has a standard ATX size PSU or if it's some Dell-proprietary design. Open your case and make sure it looks like the pictures you see of the other power supplies. Make sure the screws line up too. I've got the Seasonic M12II 620 PSU in my machine right now (specs in my signature). If you want to go for something a bit higher end, you could grab the Seasonic X750 PSU which would give you a bit more headroom for upgrades down the road. Both of these PSUs will last long enough for you to take them to a new build if you choose to build a computer in the future.

    Seasonic M12II -
    Seasonic X750 -

    After your power issue is sorted out, we can figure out what GPU is best.
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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    Here's what I would suggest. Instead of getting a new GPU, get a new CPU. The Pentium D is quite old and really underpowered. That's why Starcraft 2, a very CPU dependent game, has a hard time on your rig.
    The 9800GT still holds its own today. You can pick another for SLI used for cheap ($40) I would suggest getting a new CPU/Mobo/RAM as it will feel much faster than just a GPU upgrade.

    Here's what I propose.
    CPU: Intel i3-2120 $128
    Mobo: ASRock Z68 Gen3 Extreme3 $121
    PSU: Corsair CX 500 $60

    Add another GTX 9800 and you should be good to go for a little while longer. Yes the GPUs will be a little weak but I would suggest a CPU upgrade. You will need to reinstall Windows though.
  3. Or you can do that ^^
  4. Reinstalling windows is no problem has it had XP on it when it was purchased.

    What do you think those upgrades will push D3? I do run dual monitors on my current setup. Should I throw more RAM in too?

    Thanks for all the help. This forum is great.
  5. I don't think that old rig has DDR3 so you'll need new RAM anyway. Here's 8 GB of standard no-frills RAM and I wouldn't really recommend anything less. Also make sure you have (or can get) a 64-bit version of Windows 7 if you're not running it already.
  6. All this added up quick $400+ for upgrades when I include the 2nd gpu. Would my Dell Case work or should I just build a new RIG from scratch. Looks like I'm buying just about everything. :)

    here's a bare bones pic of my case
  7. Like Aicom said, you'll need a 64-bit OS for 8GB, otherwise you'll have to stick to 4GB. Is your copy of Windows XP 32-bit or 64-bit?
  8. it's 64.
  9. Umm... We could try and build in that, although ventilation and cable management will suck. Yeah, probably just making a new build :p

    What's your budget? If you can't afford a new PC, I'll try and find a better option.
  10. If you've got a retail boxed copy or a downloaded copy from the MS store, you should be fine. You get both 32-bit and 64-bit with those and the standard retail license transferral works (might need to call MS though, just tell them it's only running on 1 machine). If you have an OEM version, you're out of luck. It's locked to your motherboard so it won't activate on your new machine. It's a non-transferrable license.

    EDIT: Is it an OEM version?
  11. Well I was going to buy a new handgun + upgrade CPU. But the gun i want is on backorder for 4 months. So I would say $650-$700 is a solid # to shoot for. My 500Gig HD should hlep me save 75 bucks. It's <year old.

    I bought my copy from school Indiana University for like $20 bucks. Had to sign a bunch of stuff. So I don't think you would call that OEM...not sure.
  12. Yea, i agree. Just build from complete scratch. a I3, your current card (Until GTX 650 comes out) and a 8gb ram kit and new mATX mobo will work perfect for you
  13. So I'm thinking the I3, the ATX, 500W PSU, 8Gigs Ram

    This Case

    My Old Card????(bought this thing 12/09)

    My HD (Bought 8/11)

    I'm under $400 as of right now. Am I missing anything?

    Derp, other than Disk Drives
  14. Looks pretty good to me. Might consider adding a second 9800GT in there. A pair of 1GB 9800GTs should still do fine.
  15. I'm willing to spend more. Should I just get a bigger GPU? Or are you saying spending the extra cash on a bigger one won't be any better then having 2 9800gt's?
  16. Oh no, there are certainly much better options. I was just trying to keep things economical.

    Since you'll be getting a new GPU, you can drop to a more low-end mobo as we don't need the SLI capability. Keep the other one if you want expandability, otherwise this one is fine.
    Grab this BEAST of a GPU with the extra money: A 560 Ti is also a great option, I just like new tech.

    Also I would suggest this case for the price: The antec 300 and HAF 912 are also great options.
  17. Ok I think I'm going middle of the road with this build. Kept the original MOBO for upgradability(is that a word?)
    Is that MOBO or GPU together not giving me the power for the money. Or should I stick with your suggestions.

    Case (Antec 300)

    GPU (Geforce GTX 550 Ti)

    PSU (Corsair 500W)

    RAM (8GB Corair)

    MOBO(AS Rock ATX)

    CPU (Core i3)
  18. According to these benchmarks, 9800GT SLI runs better than a single 550 Ti.

    So I'd say the cost effective route would be to buy a second 9800gt.
  19. Sweet, I'll jump on that
  20. Looks like 9800 is hard to come by now. Seems like they came up with some better versions. I paid $107 for mine in my PNY different from the EVGA ones? compatability wouldnt be a problem I assume.
  21. All 9800GTs should be the same. Just know if you get a 512MB card, the 1GB will be limited to 512MB as well.

    They are more common than you'd think, here's a listing or two I found on another forum.
  22. New rig will be built soon. Thanks for the advice gents.
    Core i3 2120
    ASrock Z68
    Antec 300 case
    RaidMax 530SS
    8 Gig RAM
    & looking for 2nd 9800 or just upgrade to 550 Ti
    All for $500!

    Should run D3 on all high settings!
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