Looking for a high-end wireless Mouse Keyboard any help please

Hello Everyone

Could anyone help me find a high-end wireless mouse and keyboard with backlight I can't find any recent reviews everything i can find says the MX5500 is the top is this true? p.s No budget

Thank you
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  1. yes it's good mouse , in review top ten also razer, cyborg rat ... i don't know best or better
  2. Absolutely not.

    If you're going to spend that much money on a keyboard, you should be buying a mechanical keyboard. The best backlit mechanical keyboard would be a ducky shine. (Do NOT buy razor's backlit keyboard; it's a POS.)

    As for the mouse, I personally like the deathadder, because it's as close to the old Intellimouse Explorer 3.0s as I've ever found, but the normal deathadder isn't nearly as well built as the deathadder black... which doesn't light up.
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