How to reset security code in D-Link

For some reason my wife's laptop has lost its connection to my router and when I put in what has always been my security key it gives me an error message saying that it has to be such and such for WEP ???

I logged into the D-Link router but could not locate the place where the security key is set.

Juat need to have someone point me to the way to that part of the firmware so I can reset the security key.
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  1. All routers are a litte different, but..

    1. Click the wireless tab
    2. then click "security" you should see a screen with a bunch of listings for WPA, WPA2, and WEP.

    You should probably change the security to at least WPA.

    1. Disable WEP
    2. Enable WPA and enter a new password (pre shared key) apply
    3. Rename the Network (just add a 1 behind the current network name) changing the network name is much easier than going to each computer and editing the connection apply (this might be under the wireless setup tab)
    4. click save settings
    5. click the network connections icon in the system tray, find your new network and click connect.
    6. enter the new password
    7. go to youtube and watch the "barking cat video"
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