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I bought a computer off newegg built by cyberpower here are some of the specs

cpu-I7 3770k
Gpu- radeon 7970
16gb of RAM corsair
2tb hard drive 7200rpm
Liquid cooled
Thermaltake 10gts case

Now it comes with an 800w psu and I'm guessing its the crappy xtremegear brand they use standard so I bought a thermaltake tr2 rx 750w bronze 80 series psu is that gunna be a good enough power supply or am i in the same boat?
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  1. Yes that will be more than enough. You maybe even be able to Xfire it, but that would be pushing it (actually 750 is too little for CF now that i think of it)

    Good Luck!
  2. Thanks for the help I was getting nervous I made the wrong choice...and I probably won't xfire anytime soon. :-)
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    The Thermaltake TR2 750w power supply is complete trash to the point of being dangerous to your other components.

    HardwareSecrets review.

    TR2 and TR2RX are both tier 5.....basically do not buy under any circumstances.

    The Extremegear brand power supply was likely a much better unit than the TR2. I would replace it ASAP. The brands you can count on are Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ and Antec. Kingwin can also probably be added to that list.

    For a single HD 7970 550w unit is sufficient. To run 2 x HD 7970s in Crossfire an 800w unit is recommended.

    this is a great tool that will tell you how much wattage you need for your rig :D
  5. It's coming with the xtremegear and the tr2 ill just send the tr2 back how good is newegg with returns
  6. Newegg has always been excellent when it comes to returns.
  7. Go with what anort is telling you. I hvae the TR2 600w, and I have loads of problems with my GPU...freezing, and locking up. Buy a Corsair. I'm getting the TX 850W V2 >_>
    Just bought it for $140, w $20 MIR from NewEgg, and a Rush Order for $2.99 so hopefully it ships today >.o
  8. I was looking at the corsair GS650 for 94.00 at bestbuy or the 600 for 79.99 at newegg problem is vagaries and time 94 is about what i can spend and i can just pick it up at best buy while waiting for the whole rma process

    Sry thats the corsair GS600 for $94 or the antec 650w earthwatt for $79
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