Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic 512 ddr5 / 256bit

Hi guys . I need some help . I bought a video card Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic 512mb ddr5 256 bit and sometimes it crash . I have more problems : 1 sometimes my display goes black and after switch on , but an error message appears ( The driver stoped working or smt this ) 2 ingame sometimes appear some wild lines , thats the better situation , it happen when the all map , heroes are crashed bad , i cant explain well , but its unplayable .

I googled the resolvation for my problem , but i doesn't find nothing , if someone can help me with any instruction what can i do , please tell it :D

Thank you guys for reading my problem .
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  1. First thing, is your power supply good enough for the card?

    Have you tried different video drivers? This a new card or a used one? Does the PC have good cooling?
  2. I bought it second , but it works fine . MY power supply is a Delux 600W ( recommanded for this video card is 450-500W , thats write on the cards box ) . Yes i tried with 3 different drivers , 1 from the original CD , 1 from the AMD homepage , and 1 from the Sapphire homepage , but the problem still up . My processor avg temp is 60C , and the video cards avg temp is around 76-78C .
  3. If it works fine, then you have no issue here, but it seems to be that it does not work fine. A cheap 600watt power supply could be the issue, what is the exact brand and model of the power supply?

    The reason I ask if it was used is that I run into many many used video cards that are sold because they have developed issues. I'd bring the card back to where you got it, and get a new one with a warranty.

    Since you got the card used, I'm leaning towards the fact that the card is faulty, was overheated at some point, or something else is wrong with it.
  4. MY power supplys Model is : DLP-34A . I know the guy , from who i bought the card , its 1 of my friends and he used the card and works fine in his PC . I played from his PC many times . So that is why i posted here , i dont know what is wrong with my PC .
  5. If you can manage it, try his power supply in your PC. From a quick search, that is a pretty much generic power supply, which means that it's 90% likely to be about a 400 watt power supply with bad power stability.
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