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Ok, so I have started building my computer today, it is my first time building my own rig and Ive run into some scary problems. After following a step by step video I had appeared to have everything hooked up correctly inside the case. On first boot up, the fans started and it powered on, but I saw a little bit of smoke rise and it smelled burnt so I quickly shut it off. I dissasembled everything and cannot seem to locate where the burn could have come from. When I reassembled it and tried again, there was no burning or anyhting, but all of the fans on the case itself as well as the CPU and GPU fans began going. However, no matter what I cant seem to get a beep out of the sound thing to tell me the system is operational.
Please help me with some advice!
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  1. You may have connected a wrong lead off the power supply and fried something. I would get someone to help you or take your build to a shop and let them finish it.
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