HAF 912 vs 300 vs One illusion!

I know this question has been asked before, and many people pick HAF 912; but, I am asking this because all three cases are currently on sale on newegg. I would like to know if the HAF 912 is worth the extra $20 over the antec 300 and 1 illusion (both for $40 right now). Thank you very much.

HAF 912:

Antec one illusion:

Antec 300:
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  1. The HAF 912 is superior, but if the $20 is significant to you then the other 2 are certainly not bad. At $40 either is so much better than typical $30-$40 cases. You can't really go wrong with any of these unless you are planning on putting a lot of drives and or dual GPUs. Then its HAF 912 all the way.
  2. I'm not planning to do anything crazy; but I want this to last for at least 2 years of possible upgrading. The $20 isn't a big issue; but if there is only a small difference, then it's not really worth it. This is my first build, I'm not sure if that's a factor or not. Thanks.
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    Main differences to me are that the HAF has a cage for 2.5" drives for SSDs, and is slightly larger than the other 2. Also it weighs in at almost 20 lbs. The Illusion is a lot lighter and flimsier. The Antec is inbetween, and has worse cable management.

    As far as upgrades go, a sturdy case will last longer of course. I wouldn't want to recycle the case for a new build unless it was the HAF. That's just me though. Im sure if you took care you could keep the other two perfect for reuse also.

    The illusion is all black inside and that looks pretty cool to me. But it would suck to have a flimsy side panel that is hard to attach to the case every time you open it up for something.
  4. Hmmm... well it seems like $20 more for potentially longer use, better cable management, and a little more space is pretty worthy. Thanks for the info and opinion. Damn my indecisiveness.....
  5. Just remembered; which one has the best cooling stock?
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  7. Tom's did a shootout of under $50 cases, here's the conclusion:,2723-16.html

    they like the antec 300, and it was a good performer. All three of your choices are not too different in performance, just features. Get some extra fans if you are concerned about cooling.
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