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Hey my parents had a fairly new computer that bsoded on them and just stopped working. They got a new one and I got the scraps. I am trying to repair it, but now I dont get any type of bios screen or anything on boot. I have replaced the hdd, which was what was initially the problem and I am still getting nothing on screen. The psu works fine as far as I can tell. Everything lights up and all of the fans run, but I do not get anything on my display. Is the board shot or is there a way I can diagnose this? Thanks.
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  1. should I move this to another section?
  2. Would help us if you can post your specs (Model). Is the GPU fan spinning or does it just have onboard graphics?
  3. Graphics are on board
  4. It is an hp machine.
    The model number is a4316f.
    any suggestions?
  5. Hi,

    Does the monitor get any display? Any BIOS messages ?

    Does the machine make any beep codes ? (google beep codes)

    Standard debugging is to pull parts until the machine can POST (power on self test) then add back parts until you find the one that kept the machine from posting. This means detach everything from the pc. The only wire going in should be the power cord. Does the PC beep? YES -- lookup the beep code in the manual. NO -- pull some more parts. Unplug, Open the case and remove all the PCI cards. Plug back in -- does it POST? no- unplug, pull memory, plugin power up... does it post? Eventually you find the problem or get down to just CPU, MD and power supply. Tehn you swap power suplpy first, MB second. It's never the CPU.

    Here is a ref:

    good luck.
  6. I dont have one of the little sound things on my board so I guess beeps are out of the question :(. I thought I had one in my desktop but I must have taken it out at some point :(. I guess if I find it I will get back to you. Any other suggestions?

    And yes when I turn it on the screen just stays black and says no signal.
  7. Agree with tsnor. Perhaps something was pulled loose or not tightly connected with the HDD switch.
  8. Yah I dont have an onboard sound thing. I thought I had one laying around I could plug in but cant find one ;(
  9. Any other suggestions?
  10. pull parts until you get video. If you can't get video then you need to buy a beeper for your MB. This one was pointed to from the debugging guide

    here's the debugging guide. It's really good.
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