Upgrade CPU on Gateway NV73a laptop

I see that most responses are no you cannot replace the CPU on laptops. I have not taken apart mine as of yet to be certain, but where can I go to finds out for sure if the CPU can be removed/replaced on my specific laptop? Is there someplace that has more detailed MB and other system specs than the published consumer level information?
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  1. Thanks unreal9400, I do have that information.

    Really the questions boils down to whether the CPU is in a socket or directly to the MB. Turns out mine is in a socket and the quad core cpus are pretty much available. It was a chore getting the unit apart and back together, but not that bad for someone with moderate building experience
  2. Most CPU's use socket.
    Be careful when handling notebook CPU especially those pins under the CPU.
    That phenom quad core looks like a good upgrade if you plan to multi-task alot and future games and application will be able to take advantage all of those available cores.
    Don't forget to apply thermal paste and use a credit card to make sure the thermal paste is evenly applied.
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