Is Silver Stone power supply good?

Do they make good power supply, because I just found one for really cheap price and 80+ certified
Here is the link:
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    The best review on the Strider GOLD series PSUs. It is definitely a good PSU.
  2. just get something that is made by seasonic and you cant go wrong at all. brands include xfx, seasonic, and corsair
  3. Silverstone and Seasonic are both fantastic brands.

    If this doesn't work out for you newegg had the Seasonic X750 for around $110 a couple weeks ago. It will hit that again eventually -- they do a lot of sales.
  4. Silverstone is a quality product - I did quite a bit of reading before I bought mine- sure there are other very high quality manufacturers but a good price on SS will keep you happy for years.
  5. yes i use corsair seasonic, antec, silverstone, ocz
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