Acer Aspire X3400 and Sapphire Hd5570

hello , I am having trouble installing a sapphire Hd5570 to my acer aspire x3400. I know the card says req. 400 watt psu and my psu is only 220W but there are several posts on here from people who say that card and that pc dont use much power and they have been using that setup for over a year . My PC wont boot when I install the new card. It just sits there spinning the fan (on the new board so it does have some sort of power),
It does not have any picture and the screen is just black. Can not hit delete to enter bios or anything.
If I remove the card and the jumper from the Cmos and plug the AVG back into the integrated geforce 9200 it will boot up. Can anyone who has done this upgrade sucessfully tell me what they did to get it to work ?
My system is:
Win 7 home premium
AMD athelon II X4 645 proc. 3100 mhz 4 core
Bios version - AMI P01-B3 02/16/2011
SMbios version 2.6
6 gig ram

the option to disable the onboard graphics in bios is greyed out and wont let me change it. even after updating the bios to the newest one on acer website.
I can disable it in device manager tho , and the screen does display low quality graphics before I shut down and install new card.
Anyone who has done this sucessfully please help - thank you =)
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  1. oh sorry for posting this after asking in somone else's thread. I figured it was buried in that thread and not many people would see it ><
  2. Hi,
    Old thread, but did you manage to find a solution?
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