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Hi (again :D) im taking a persons advice from my last thread to ask the community what CPU i should get. Id like it to be a quadcore but for a good price. Id like to play bf3 with the future specs below with atleast full speed on low detail with 1024x768 res. So could any of you give me the name of a CPU i can install that is cheap?


nForce 720a-WMCP78M

Future Specifications-
Windows 7 x64
Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti
A quadcore of someones specifications
600 Watt Power Supply

Current Specifications-
Windows 7 x64
ATI HD 5450 512mb
AMD Phenom 8850 (2.5x3)
600 Watt Power Supply
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  1. Is there a specific model name for your motherboard? Whenever I google search what you posted, I get specifications about the chipset.

    What is your total budget for upgrading? It might be better to upgrade your system as a whole if your budget is within the ~$350-400 range.
  2. Well for the processor i was thinking like $200. The new graphics card is coming from my birthday money in a week. and would taking a screen shot of CPU-Z tell you what model i have?
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    Yes, that would help :)

    And for $200, you could get a new motherboard and CPU that would perform better than anything you could throw in that ancient motherboard (not trying to offend).

    Intel Core i3 2120 -

    ASRock H77M motherboard -

    Granted you will have to buy a new kit of RAM, but a good "Value" oriented kit costs only around $30.
  4. Well that was a pain..... had to post to imageshack ill look into the new motherboard idea but for now heres the picture.
  5. Thank you :)

    Also, I use Photobucket to post my's a lot less of a hassle IMO. Photobucket also has a code to post on forums so it's very easy ;)

    From the looks of it, you won't be able to upgrade your CPU too much... Since this is an OEM PC, I doubt you can update your BIOS to maybe support AM3 CPU's.

    Long story short, just get a new motherboard and CPU, it'll be much less of a pain.
  6. alright ill have to wait until christmas but w/e i guess school will keep me busy until then:??:

    Thanks for the help
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  8. You're welcome :)

    Remember to come back to us when it's time! :)
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