ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Chipset

Hi all...looking for some expert advice.

I am running a modified HP 7710.Uk. Everything has been upgraded using spare parts I had lying around - now as follows (only original part being the OEM board) :

> Asus YNRC-BR (Magnetite GL8E) with a modified SLIC 2.1 BIOS

> 2gb Crucial DDR2 667Mhz Cas 5 RAM (tried 2 varieties of Ballistix but board rejects)

> Intel X25M Solid State Drive

> Intel Core Duo T2700 2.33Mhz 2Mb cache 667Mhz FSB (top processor available for this board - upgraded from Celeron M 430)

The board runs on the mentioned chipset (256mb integrated - taken from RAM I believe).

I would like to upgrade the graphics card - PCI slot. I tried a 5450 512mb PCI edition direct x 11 card - did not work.

Any ideas what cards are definitely compatible with this chipset?

NOTE : I have a top spec 14" core i5 notebook for all intensive tasks, just want to upgrade this board to the max (without a new build)
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  1. You said you are using a modified BIOS? That throws any sure compatibility things out the window. Try to use a PCI card from the era of the motherboard maybe.
  2. Motherboard has only been modified for SLIC (this is to do with windows validaion - although I am using a legit copy of win 7 this board is designed for vista OEM)

    dont tell you if the pci slot is ver 1.0 or 2.0. being that old it going to be ver 1.0 and there not to may old video cards still around x1300 ati. the mb chipset is going to limit the cards you can put in it. your better off picking up a new micro atx mb and 80 dollar sandy bridge cpu or a cheap amd cpu.
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